Work Environment Survey

UCLA Administration is dedicated in providing the best work environment for its employees. Employees receive a Work Environment Survey annually to provide feedback on how we can create a great place to work. A comprehensive survey (full-length) is offered every other year (during the “even years”) and a brief “Pulse” survey is offered in between the full-length Work Environment Survey (“odd years”). This process allows the organization to identify areas of development and to implement changes within a two year time period.

The purpose of the comprehensive (full-length) Work Environment Survey is to ensure that the Division is operating in a “High Performing Work Environment.” Based on over 50 years of research and statistically validated measures, the this model includes many of the components measured in the comprehensive Work Environment Survey:

  • Check-in on the progress resulting from actions taken since the last Work Environment Survey
  • Receive feedback on focus areas or priority areas within the organization
  • Obtain insights that can help management make course directions to drive organizational improvement efforts before the full-length Work Environment Survey

Please contact your OED People Research and Performance Consultant for assistance:

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