Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Administration is committed to delivering excellent customer service. To ensure that the Division is meeting client’s expectations and making continuous process improvements, all departments are required to ask their customers for their feedback. Individuals who have received services provided by any of UCLA Administration’s departments are asked to rate their satisfaction based on a 5-point satisfaction scale.

UCLA Administration’s customer focused metrics ensure accountability to this important component of our services. Most surveys are based on 5 areas of customer satisfaction:

  • Tangibles: Appearance of physical facilities, equipment, printed or visual materials
  • Courtesy: Courtesy of personnel
  • Responsiveness/Timeliness: Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service
  • Reliability: Ability to perform promised services dependably and accurately
  • Access: Ease of accessing service or contacting service provider

The customer satisfaction data are analyzed and reported annually on the Customer Service Metric of the Annual Report. The following are some useful resources to get you started:

Please contact your OED People Research and Performance Consultant for assistance:

Joanne Chang at
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