Action Planning

Whether you are reviewing your Work Environment Survey results or your Customer Satisfaction Survey results, your survey results provide the greatest value when you accomplish the following two things. The first is understanding the results and explaining them to others. The second is to understand how the results can be used to create and develop action planning to create positive change.

As the manager of a surveyed work group or department, it is important to become familiar with your group’s survey results to ensure you understand the different scores and what they mean in the context of the organization and historical work group performance. The best preparation for giving feedback and leading action planning is to spend thoughtful time with your results.

  • Once you have successfully analyzed the results of your survey and understand where improvements can be made, your next step is to create objectives and establish a plan.
  • Identify the right goals and objectives with specific actions to be completed. Narrow it down to what is most important for your work group. Choosing too many items often yields no results.
  • Create SMART Goals whenever you create your objectives. This will increase the likelihood that the goals and objectives will be met.
  • Prioritize and create a plan to carry out the objectives. Create an action plan. Make sure to share the responsibility with others in your work group and to communicate the plan.

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