UCLA Administration is committed to the development and growth of its talent at all levels within the organization. OED provides learning opportunities to meet the organization’s needs, maximize efficiency, and empower individuals to better serve the campus community. OED’s services are free to all departments within UCLA Administration.


Leadership 2027 logoLeadership 2027 is an 18-month talent initiative program aligning mid-level leadership development with future organizational strategy and direction. Its overarching goal is to strengthen the talent pipeline by growing critical leadership skills and capabilities within UCLA Administration. The curriculum concentrates on core skills in the following focus areas:

Self-awareness, business insight, people orientation, business results
Leadership 2027 2017-18 Cohort
Cohort Collaboration Board

Developing Exceptional Leaders

Developing Exceptional Leaders (DEL) is a leadership development program focusing on growing critical skills needed to drive productivity and achieve results.  The program provides leaders at all levels with the necessary interpersonal skills for leading individuals or groups and tools and techniques to lead and maintain a high-performance workplace.

The course schedule provides information on the courses being offered for Fall Quarter 2018 – Spring Quarter 2019.  Please take note of the “Suggested Participants” column to ensure that you are eligible to enroll in a particular course.  

To register for courses, please email Gerrie Zvara at gzvara@oed.ucla.edu with your enrollment request.


Introduction to Technology

  • Typing Essentials
  • Intro to Computers
  • UCLA Logon (BOL)
  • Navigating the Web
  • Skills Building

Microsoft Word Series (8-week Program)

  • Essentials
  • Templates
  • Creating, Modifying, & Printing Documents
  • Creating a Professional Resume

Microsoft Excel Series (8-week Program)

  • Essentials
  • Templates
  • Creating, Formatting, & Printing Worksheets
  • Performing Calculations & Managing Workbooks

Microsoft PowerPoint Series (8-week Program)

  • Essentials
  • Templates
  • Creating a Professional Presentation
  • Creating Flyers/Posters/Invites/Photo Albums

Microsoft Outlook Series (2-week Program)

  • Inbox Essentials
  • Calendar Essentials
  • Contacts Essentials
  • Tasks Essentials

Microsoft Visio Series (Custom Program)

  • Essentials
  • Templates
  • Creating/Formatting Diagrams, Charts, and Flowcharts

Managing UC Benefits Online

  • Accessing Your Benefits Online (UCnet)
  • Navigating Through the New UCnet Website
  • Knowing Your UCRP Benefits (Pension Plan)
  • Enrolling/Updating Your 403(B)/457(B) Plans (Fidelity)
    • Making Better Investments for Your Retirement

Campus Safety

  • Active Shooter Training
  • Workplace Safety
  • Overall Campus/Surrounding Area Safety
  • Robbery & Theft Prevention
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness
  • Self-Defense Training

* Please note that many of these classes are presented in English and Spanish.

ESL Program

Our program has been designed to help our front-line employees to develop and improve proficiency in English to acquire the basic knowledge and skills they need to function effectively as workers, parents and citizens.

To register for courses, or, to request a course/new series, please email Brenda Garland at bgarland@oed.ucla.edu.